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Bathroom wet wall panels joints are seamlessly connected with our unique Hydrolock system to ensure an excellent finish.


Spapanel is constructed with a hardwood waterproof plywood core, bonded with a high pressure decorative laminate to face and a plain white balancing laminate to rear.

Quick Installation

Cutting labour times and costs, wet area panelling is suitable for new build or refurbishment projects and does not require specialist fitting.


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Best Spapanel

With over 45 laminate finishes, laminex wet area panelling can be used in commercial environments such as residential apartments, changing rooms, hospitals, hotels and holiday parks, as well as domestic bathrooms, shower enclosures and kitchens.

The Wet Area Wall Lining System if installed and used in accordance with our published guidelines can remove the need for fibre cement backing boards and full height waterproof membranes, making wet area panelling installation a 3-in-1 solution.

Spapanel Tasmania meets the waterproof requirements of AS3740

  • Easy installation

  • Can be installed directly onto framework

  • Minimal on-going maintenance.

  • Reduces risk of remedial costs

  • BCA and NZBC compliant

  • Up to 25% cheaper than tiling

  • 3X faster than tiling

  • Supply Only or Supply & Installed

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Tiles and Spapanel Comparison

How Spapanel saves you days, dollars, and grief… and makes clients very, very happy

What do you get?
FeaturesTilesPVC PanelSpapanel
Finished Surface




Quick Install




Grout Free




No Need to Sheet Walls




No Need to Waterproof Walls




15 Year Product Warranty




Custom Finishes




Easy to Clean Surface




Spapanel Projects

Nothing in this world matches the fruits of Tasmania’s wet area panelling’s excellent works and finest products

Stylish Designs | Bathroom Wet Area Wall Panels Tasmania

The merging of finest functionality and top-notch exquisiteness

Standard Stock Available

Here’s our best-selling collection that will surely make your bathrooms aesthetically elegant

* Special stocks below will take 12 weeks to arrive.

Classic Range

Introducing our collection of enduring colours and finishes at affordable prices

Classic Stone

Elegant traditional gloss finishes designed to create a wow factor in your home.

Classic Earth

Matt textured marble and slate designs that look authentic.

Classic Contemporary

Plain Gloss designs that give off clean lines and freshness.

Heritage Range

Escape to a world of elegance and cool relaxed colours.


Each of these modern neutrals blend perfectly with other colours from the Heritage palette


With the look of woven fabric, you can introduce a sense of depth to your design

Premier Earth

An exquisite selection of textured finishes, all rich in depth and colour that transmit warm tones.

Premier Contemporary

With spectacular light reflection, these striking panels enhance room dynamics


Radiating warm tones, waterproof panels that look and feel just like wood.


Each of these modern neutrals blend perfectly with other colours from the Heritage palette.

Designer Range

Authentic looks from the natural world, selected by British interior designer, Linda Barker.


Elements panels really pack a punch by conveying mood and atmosphere.


With a slightly weathered look, our panels exude gentle warmth and texture


Emulate the swankiest hotel bathrooms by getting the look and feel of real stone and marble


Spapanel aluminium edge profiles 2.45m long are available in five profiles and three finishes: Metal sections are available in Satin Anodised Silver, White, and Polished Aluminium finishes. Type X is only available in Satin Anodised Silver.

Sophisticated Finishes | Bathroom Wet Area Wall Panels Tasmania

Set your imagination free and create beautiful waterproof & grout-free spaces with Spapanel, the luxurious and practical way to refurbish your bathroom. Quick and easy to install, Spapanel lets you achieve stunning looks that will last for years to come.

Classic Range

Crafted to complement the widest range of interiors, our timeless Classic Range is guaranteed to bring more than a little sophistication and elegance to your home.

Heritage Range

Whether you long for a charming period style bathroom or one that exudes calm and serenity, the subtle colour harmonies of the Heritage Collection will help you create it.

Designer Range

Whether your bathroom is small or large; light or dark, Designer Collection offers a cost-effective way of transforming it from a work-a-day functional space into something special.

Hydrolock Technology

no joining strips engineered to create an extremely tight and aesthetically pleasing finish

wet area panelling tasmania hydrolock

precisely engineered Hydrolock edge detail


extremely tight


aesthetically pleasing finish


need for traditional joint strips or “H-joints”


Tested by BRANZ using 3000 wetting and drying cycles


remains water resistant for a minimum of 15 years

What our happy clients say about us

I am happy to recommend your products. I am using the bathroom wet wall panels for our hotel you sold us for the main reason that we will not need tore-grout the tile every few months and to get rid of mould in the bathroom.

Best Western Homestead Court HotelHomestead Lane, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 4LXBest Western Homestead Court Hotel

Spapanel has made an immediate improvement in our customer reviews. The speed of wet area panelling installation is a massive plus, allowing us to hire out the rooms quickly, saving us money

Wayne WoodsManagerMercure Hotel North Melbourne

We are really please with the finish and quality of the Spapanel and would recommend them to others

Malcolm PartridgeDirectorWatersplash Health and Leisure Club

The Museum of London is the ideal venue for our first ever WUOC House-Maison UMVO. On one hand the Museum of London is a high quality, versatile venue in an ideal location. On the other hand there is nowhere more fitting to celebrate the Olympic legacy for host cities.

Mayor Daniel BrélazPresident, WUOC (World Union of Olympic Cities )Museum of London Docklands


Here are commonly asked questions about bathroom wet wall panels.  We want to address all your queries and concerns.  Should you have other questions, we are glad to assist you. Click this to fill out our contact form.

What sizes does Spapanel come in?

The standard wet area wall panel size is 2400mm by 1200mm. A limited selection of colours are also available in 2700mm by 1200mm. We can also supply custom sizes for high volume orders. Click to view our colour options.

What is wet area panelling made from and what is the thickness?

Spapanel consists of a high pressure decorative laminate, bonded onto waterproof birch plywood. A plain white balancing laminate is used on the rear. The finished thickness of wet area panel is 11mm.

Where is Spapanel manufactured?

Spapanel is manufactured in the UK. Where it has been successfully used and sold since 2003.

Where can I view bathroom wet wall panels?

You can view bathroom wet wall panels at Level 2, 162 Macquarie St Hobart Tasmania – Click this to view map

How much is Spapanel and where do I buy from?

Call Us Today! 0400 904 873

Is Spapanel compliant to the Building Code?

Spapanel has been independently Appraised by BRANZ as a waterproofing alternative solution to Building Code AS 3740-2014 for use in Spapanel in both Australia & New Zealand. A copy of our BRANZ Appraisals can be viewed and downloaded from our downloads page.

Where can Spapanel be used? Can it be used outside or on the floor?

Spapanel can be used for any internal wall of the building, even in high wet areas. Wet area panelling has not been tested for use outside and should not be used on the floor.

Can Spapanel be installed directly onto framework or do I first need to install a Fibre-cement backing board and apply waterproof membranes?

Spapanel can be installed directly to metal or wooden framework without first needing to install fibre-cement or waterproof membranes. Saving considerable labour time and material costs. Check out our installation guide.

Can I install Spapanel myself or do you offer an install service?

If you feel competent enough then Spapanel is easy to install, as long as you follow our Installation Instructions. Or if you would prefer us to install it for you, then we can help you with this. Call Us Today! 0400 904 873

How many colours are available?

80, Click to view the full colour ranges and options.

What warranty does Spapanel have?

Spapanel comes with a 15 Year Warranty. This can be downloaded from our Downloads section.

Can the bathroom wet wall panels be installed without a shower tray?

Spapanel can be installed without the use of a shower tray, for example if a tiled wetroom style floor has been install. Simple silicone the joint of the panel against the other surface with an appropriate silicone sealant.

Installation Guide

Wet area panelling installation in Tasmania can be done in just 1 day! It saves so much time. You don’t anymore need sheeting, waterproofing and tiling, thereby, increasing completion time up to 75%.

  • DO always store wet wall panels flat to prevent bowing.
  • DO acclimatise the wet area wall panels and accessories for 24 hours prior to wet areal panelling installation in normal heated/dry conditions.
  • DO use only our recommended Sealant and Adhesives.
  • DO ensure that Sealant is applied correctly at all stated points.
  • DO closely inspect each wet area panel for manufacturing / material surface defects prior to and during installation.
  • DO always follow BCA requirements when required.
  • DON’T store the wet wall panels outside or in wet or humid conditions.
  • DON’T store bathroom wet wall panels propped against a wall on edge or end.
  • DON’T install wet area wall panels on uneven or out of plumb walls.
  • DON’T use abrasive cleaners and bleaches to clean the wet area panels.
  • DON’T fit wet wall shower panels without correctly sealing every joint.
  • DON’T drag or slide wet room wall panels when stacked on top of each other. Use two people to lift.

Get in Touch

We are ready to answer all your queries.  We are glad to be of service to you.  Fill out the form, and our team will get in touch with you soon.

Spapanel Suppliers and Installers in Tasmania

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  • 0400 904 873

  • sales@wetareapanels.com.au

10 Huntingfield Avenue, Kingston TAS 7050
Phone: (03) 6229 7888
Mon-Fri: 7am-5:30pm | Sat: 8am-1pm | Sun: Closed
Contact Rick Loring (0490672130)

Spapanel complies with Australian, New Zealand and European Standards.

BRANZ Appraised to confirm suitability for the building code of Australia BCA and New Zealand building code NZBC.  Includes BRANZ assessment of our technical literature, quality control, installation, service performance and maintenance.

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