Well we have good news, Spapanel is available right around Australia through a distribution network, setup to support small businesses.

We also have an online store to purchase Spapanel and the required accesories.

Wet Area Solutions has setup a great network of big and small distributors, who all have installers on hand.

Spapanel is purchased from your local retailer listed below and then, depending if your chosen finish is in stock you can expect to have it within 3-5 working days.

Or if it is out of stock, they will place a special order request which may take 12-14 weeks, as the country of origin is the UK.

Current Spapanel Display locations:(See our for contact details)
– Perth, Mr Wet Wall
– Hobart, Platinum Homes
– Brisbane, Gold Coast, Enterprise Construction Group
– Sydney, Wet Area Solutions
– Taree, Factory Direct Kitchens
– Brookvale, Home Timber and Hardware
– Tempe, Tempe Tiles

Different locations have different size displays, so please check our website before going, some only have small samples where others have large panel displays.

We hope that all your queries and questions can be answered by the above display locations, if not please do not feel afraid to contact us.

If you have been searching the web, looking for answers on the best way to clean grout in your shower, or looking for the quick fix solutions, such as companies who offer re-grouting services.

Looking for that product that gives you the power and the confidence to not have to clean grout in your bathroom, shower or wet area again?

Spapanel is the answer and you won’t have to book us in 5 years later to re-grout.

What is Spapanel?

Spapanel is grout shower panel, that provides a grout free seamless joining system, enabling it to be grout – free, waterproof and provide a seamless whole wall bathroom look.

Best of all the product removes the need to sheet, waterproof and tile, saving you money on the installation,

It can be installed into new homes and renovations AND can be installed over existing tiles!

ALSO Spapanel comes with a 15 year product warranty

Here is a recent bathroom renovation using Spapanel, the results speak for themselves.

Completed by W.A.S Certified Installers of Spapanel ,

Refresh Renovations Wollongong , they provide the whole bathroom renovation service.

But can you imagine the reduced amount of work you will have using Spapanel.
– No grout
– No mould
– Cleaned with warm water and a squeegee.

To find out more about Spapanel and how we can save you the hassle of cleaning, save you time and provide you with a quality alternative to grout and tiles, contact us.

So, lets settle this debate once and for all.

What is better? Spapanel or Aquapanel?

What is more cost effective?

What looks better?

Which one will provide you with a better return on your investment?

Lets get all the facts out there about the two bathroom panel products which are dominating the panel market.

Aquapanel, a Laminex product which has been on the market for a long time and can be purchased from Bunnings.

Spapanel, the new kid on the block, having a strong track record in the UK for the past 15 years, being on the Australian market for the past 2 years, how could it possibly compete with Aquapanel?

Lets give a quick summary on both products:


Aquapanel:(sourced https://selector.com/au/products/aquapanel-wet-area-laminate-panelling 2/06/18)

Laminex Aquapanel wet area panelling can provide the perfect solution for applications including bathroom walls, laundry splashbacks and lining for showers. The wet area laminate lining serves as an economical alternative to traditional ceramic tiles, with the non-porous nature of the material and the absence of grout reducing the risk of mould.

Aquapanel is suitable for both domestic and commercial contexts.
– Suitable for DIY installation
– Available in a range of colours and finishes
– Available in five fixing system profiles.
– Non-porous material/no grout reduces risk of mould
– 7 year limited warranty.



A marine grade plywood structure with a high pressure plastic laminate finish, the alternative solution to tiles in the bathroom, shower, laundries any wet area in a residential or commercial space.

Having a non-porous surface, and a seamless grout-free joining system, with no need for joining strips, it is the ideal product for an aeshtetically pleasing , cost effective bathroom.
– Available in 45 colours, finishes and textures
– No joining strips
– Grout- free seamless join system
– DIY suitable
– Removes need to Sheet, waterproof and tile
– 15 year product warranty
– Sustainably sourced materials



The Price Comparison:

Aquapanel 1200x2400mm = $198 ($68.per sqm)
Spapanel 1200x2400mm = $480 ($166 per sqm)

So based on the those prices, the clear choice is Aquapanel right? because it is cheaper….well lets just keep reading

Have a read of a previous blog when it comes to pricing comparisons between spapanel and tiles.



Installation Comparison:

Aquapanel is installed after bathroom walls have already been sheeted and waterproof, so in essence, Aquapanel is just a replacement for tiles turning out to being a $68 per sqm tile, with only a 7 year warranty.

With no real savings on the installation process.

Spapanel removes the need for sheeting and waterproofing, saves on having multiple trades being on site. (saving on trades and time = saving $$$)

Spapanel is installed directly onto frame work and is installed in 1 day. Taking 3 -4 days out of the equation when compared to tiles or Aquapanel.

Backed by a 15 year product warranty,



Now the interpretation of aesthetics, is different for every user, so here ill point out the differences in aesthetic appeals.

Aquapanel: Has the ability to have a tile pattern embossed, with a general gloss finish, possibly there may be some matte finishes in the range with varying colours.

Still has a joining strip along a long wall.

Spapanel: While it does now have the ability to have a tile look effect, it does however allow for a range of Gloss, Matte and textured finishes across its range. Varying from marble and stone finishes to timber textured panels and other gloss finishes.

While maintaining a grout – free, seamless joining system, without the need for joining strips.


Better return on your investment?

Again, do the sums on the products and their comparison for time, verse cost and outcome.

Look at product warranties, and what confidence the products manufacturer has in it’s own product.

Look at finishes, their appearance and appeal, also take in effect general wear and tear.



At the end of the day, it is you, the clients choice. if you choose Aquapanel, go straight to Bunnings and get started.

If you choose Spapanel, contact us and we will be more than happy to walk you through our showroom and see what colours and finishes appeal to you.

If you were lucky…..

You were able to squeeze past the crowd and see the Spapanel stand by Wet Area Solutions at the Home Show.

What an overwhelming response!

With an estimated 5,000 people directly showing interest in Spapanel, we just didn’t have enough staff to handle all the inquiries, with 6 staff on-hand, Spapanel was more popular than the big companies such as Tesla and Harvey Norman.

Everyone was amazed at Spapanel’s Grout – Free bathroom wall and how innovative it was.

With everyone commenting on how much they hate grout!

The Wet Area Solutions representatives were happy to talk with people from all walks, with varying sized projects from small renovations, new builds to builders who have 1,000 apartments to build in the next 12 months.

After an exhilarating 3 days, Darren Palmer from The Block, dropped by to see what all the hype was about.

Darren showed absolute love for the product, like everyone else did, seeing that it’s possibilities are endless.

Darren also shared some advice on how we at Wet Area Solutions should go about spreading the Spapanel word, in order to get it out to everyone.

All in all, it was a very successful weekend and we thank everyone for coming by to see us and to find out more information.

If you were at the show, you have a limited time to take advantage of the Home Show Special, our next deadline order is the 10th of June!

No matter the many benefits that Spapanel presents over Tiles, the most important question that comes into every client, architects and builders mind is, how much is it and is it cheaper than tiles?

Now calculating the exact cost of tiles is impossible as all tiles have a different cost per square metre pricing for the finish wanted, the cost of sheeting depends on the supplier, the cost of waterproofing also depends on the brand and supplier. What also presents a problem is the range in which contractors charge for their services to install all these materials.

Following is based on an average bathroom of 2 Metres X 2 Metres Walls only.(19.2 sqm)

– Sheeting $25 -$35 per sqm ($576)
– Waterproofing $300 20L Drum
– Tiles $15 – $120 per sqm ( lets go with $40) ($768)
– Grout $20 ($386)
– Total $ 2036

– Installation of Sheeting $30 sqm ($576) – 1 day
– Applying of Waterproofing $800 – 2 days
– Tiling $60-$75 Sqm ($1,152) 2 days
– Grouting $5 sqm ($96) 1 day
– Total $2,624 – 6 days
– Wall Tiling Grand Total $4660

Now to show the price comparison of Spapanel

As Spapanel removes the need to Sheet Waterproof, Tile and Grout, this removes the need for so much material and labor.

The reduction of labor means that Spapanel can be completed faster and with less reliance on Trades people un-reliable punctuality and quality control issues.

– Spapanel 2400x1200mm – Classic Range RRP $450 Per Panel (2.88sqm) 19.2 Sqm = $3,000
– Adhesive – Soudal FixALL $15 x 7 = $105
– Total $3,105

– Installation of Spapanel = $1,200
– Total $1200
– Total $4,305 – 1 day

Now yes there are savings on just 1 single standard bathroom BUT WAIT, there is even more savings with Spapanel…..

More Savings?

So the calculations shown above are for a single standard bathroom, first i will dive into the use of Spapanel in more than one bathroom, then i will present how Spapanel saves on future costs.

Now the price presented for tiles will stay pretty much the same with each bathroom that is required to be completed in a new build or development, BUT with Spapanel, the more bathrooms that use the product, the more cost effective it becomes.

The installation of Spapanel is fast, real fast and using it on more bathrooms means that when they are all prepared at the same time, installers can completed more bathrooms in less time.

By rule of thumb we use the following calculations
– 1 Bathroom = 1 day
– 2 Bathrooms = 2 days
– 3 Bathrooms = 2 days (SAVING $1200)
– 4 Bathrooms = 3 days (SAVING $1200)
– 5 Bathrooms = 3 days (SAVING $2400)

And so on…

So we see that because Spapanel can be completed faster with more bathrooms, this is where labor costs are reduced further, making it more cost effective in larger houses and developments.

Now we have presented the Upfront Cost of Spapanel in Comparison to Tiles BUT there are even more savings when using Spapanel over Tiles.

When thinking of the standard bathroom before they are renovated, the average Australian home renovates their bathroom every 8-10 years.

The major reason for renovations are the following:
– Old Styling
– Waterproofing issues
– Mould Build Up
– Falling out of Grout
– Tiles Popping off the wall

Now with Spapanel, we reduce any risk of

Waterproofing issues – As Spapanel is an 11mm physical waterproof joint that has been Branz Appraised and tested in a 15 year simulator.

Mould Build Up – Spapanel provides a Grout – Free, seamless joining system which removes the need to use any porous product in which allows Mould to grow and multiply.

Falling out of Grout – Again, Spapanel is a grout free product so there will NEVER be this issue.

Tiles Popping off the wall – Spapanel is adhered directly to studwork, bricks, concrete and dincell, with Soudal FixALL. An engineered Polyurethane which is waterproof, sandable and dries flexible to allow for structural movement, with the added benefit of having a hold strength of 320 kg per 10 Centimetre Square, meaning the panels aren’t going anywhere.

Old Styling – Spapanel consist of modern and traditional design finishes allowing for flexibility when choosing finishes and if your not happy in 15 years, you can install Spapanel again directly over the old panel without any issues.

So we can see why Spapanel is the most cost effective solution over tiles, while providing further savings with further use and piece of mind that there is no risk that an emergency renovation will be required later on, you can be relaxed in knowing that Spapanel provides a hygienic and easy to clean alternative that is safe for the family, perfect for the home and easy on the back pocket.