Where Can I Buy Spapanel

Well we have good news, Spapanel is available right around Australia through a distribution network, setup to support small businesses. We also have an online store to purchase Spapanel and the required accesories. Wet Area Solutions has setup a great network of big and small distributors, who all have installers on hand. Spapanel is purchased […]

Never Want to Clean Grout Again? We have the Product for You

If you have been searching the web, looking for answers on the best way to clean grout in your shower, or looking for the quick fix solutions, such as companies who offer re-grouting services. Looking for that product that gives you the power and the confidence to not have to clean grout in your bathroom, […]

So, lets settle this debate once and for all. What is better? Spapanel or Aquapanel? What is more cost effective? What looks better? Which one will provide you with a better return on your investment? Lets get all the facts out there about the two bathroom panel products which are dominating the panel market. Aquapanel, […]

Spapanel at the home show, WHAT A SUCCESSat the home show, WHAT A SUCCESS

If you were lucky….. You were able to squeeze past the crowd and see the Spapanel stand by Wet Area Solutions at the Home Show. What an overwhelming response! With an estimated 5,000 people directly showing interest in Spapanel, we just didn’t have enough staff to handle all the inquiries, with 6 staff on-hand, Spapanel […]

spapanel vs tiles, what is cheaper?

No matter the many benefits that Spapanel presents over Tiles, the most important question that comes into every client, architects and builders mind is, how much is it and is it cheaper than tiles? Now calculating the exact cost of tiles is impossible as all tiles have a different cost per square metre pricing for […]