Never Want to Clean Grout Again? We have the Product for You

If you have been searching the web, looking for answers on the best way to clean grout in your shower, or looking for the quick fix solutions, such as companies who offer re-grouting services.

Looking for that product that gives you the power and the confidence to not have to clean grout in your bathroom, shower or wet area again?

Spapanel is the answer and you won’t have to book us in 5 years later to re-grout.

What is Spapanel?

Spapanel is grout shower panel, that provides a grout free seamless joining system, enabling it to be grout – free, waterproof and provide a seamless whole wall bathroom look.

Best of all the product removes the need to sheet, waterproof and tile, saving you money on the installation,

It can be installed into new homes and renovations AND can be installed over existing tiles!

ALSO Spapanel comes with a 15 year product warranty

Here is a recent bathroom renovation using Spapanel, the results speak for themselves.

Completed by W.A.S Certified Installers of Spapanel ,

Refresh Renovations Wollongong , they provide the whole bathroom renovation service.

But can you imagine the reduced amount of work you will have using Spapanel.
– No grout
– No mould
– Cleaned with warm water and a squeegee.

To find out more about Spapanel and how we can save you the hassle of cleaning, save you time and provide you with a quality alternative to grout and tiles, contact us.

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